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FAQs For Pest Extermination and Control Services in NJ

Frequently Asked Questions About Pest Control and Services

  • Do you offer monthly pest control services for my home?
    Yes. By doing a monthly pest service, you won’t be waiting 3 months for us to return. We do treat your exterior and will service your interior. Just let us know when we are there, and we will enter your home to treat it.
  • What do you do at the first (initial) service at my home?
    We will discuss your pest problem and explain what we will do. Then we will inspect the interior and exterior. If any exclusion work is needed, we will use copper mesh to plug up any small holes on the exterior. If there are larger issues, we will inform you to get it repaired. By doing this, it will prevent rodents and insects from entering your home. We will then treat the exterior foundation of your home for insect control. When completed, we will explain exactly what we did.
  • Can you service my business?
    Yes! We can service your business too!
  • Can you safely store my credit card on file for my monthly payment?
    Yes! We can store your credit card on file safely for each monthly charge. We use the Square Retail POS System for our credit card transactions. And they encrypt your card, so it is protected. It’s a very convenient way to pay.
  • Are you paperless?
    Yes! We are paperless. All of your invoices and work orders are digital, and we communicate through email, but you can still call us if you like.
  • How will I know when you’re coming each month?
    We have a system that will automatically email you five days before, three days before, and then the day before, so you don’t forget we are coming. Through the auto email, you can either keep your appointment or reschedule it to better accommodate you. That’s right, no calling us to reschedule. However, you can still call us if you like.
  • Can you treat for mosquitoes?
    Yes! We use an all-natural cedar mint oil with a power sprayer. It is applied to the grass, under and around trees, shrubs, and decks. Mosquitoes don’t like this oil mixture, thus eliminating them almost completely. It must be applied every 21 days from May to October to be effective.
  • Do you service New York?
    No, we don’t. We apologize, but we are not doing any services in NY at this time. Only NJ.
  • Do you do animal removal?
    No. Sorry, we do not do animal services.
  • Can you treat for termites? Can you do termite inspections?
    Yes, we can inspect and treat for termites. If you’re selling or buying a home, we can give you the paperwork needed for termite inspections, (digitally). We use very little paper.
  • Are you really family-owned and operated?
    Yes! We are 100% family-owned and operated.
  • What experience do you have with pest control?
    Thirty-six years in the pest control industry, working for large and small companies.
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