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Mice and Rat Pest Control Service in Northern NJ


Mice and Rat Control in Bergen County, NJ, and Surrounding Areas

Mice and rats are like foodie adventurers on a quest for the perfect meal and cozy lodging. In New Jersey, your home or business is their all-you-can-eat buffet and 5-star hotel combined!


But fear not; if these critters are causing you headaches, Insetti Pest Services in Bergen County is your trusted partner. We're here to help you regain control and restore your peace of mind.

No matter where you hang your hat, how sparkling clean your home is, or how much you try to outsmart these sly critters, mice and rats can sneak into your house or business like uninvited party crashers.

And it's not just their sneaky entrance that's the issue; it's what they bring with them.


We're talking about the diseases they carry and the damage they cause.

Our mice and rat control services include exclusion and monitoring to ensure they get out and stay out of your home or business.

At Insetti Pest Services, we focus on addressing the root causes of your rodent problems. Our approach includes:

  • Sealing off entry points

  • Locating and eliminating mice and rats and their nests

  • Providing you with valuable guidance on preventing rodent re-infestation

Our methods are highly effective and safe for your family and pets.

Rodent Prevention Begins with Expert Mice and Rat Control

Successful mice and rat extermination is crucial to prevent your infestation from spiraling out of control. Think of it as a high-stakes "hide and seek" game where we must stay one step ahead.

Identifying mice and rats can be easy as they all have fur, tails, and whiskers and move quickly. However, the treatment approach will vary depending on whether you're dealing with a mouse or a rat.


Here are the most common mice and rats found in homes and businesses throughout New Jersey:

House Mouse

House mice are exceptionally adaptable to human presence, making them the most prevalent species inside homes.

Eastern Deer Mouse

Eastern Deer Mice are one of the most widespread mice in New Jersey.

White-footed Deer Mouse

White-footed Deer Mice are often found in attics, garages, or basements.

Field Mouse

Field Mice are easily recognizable and generally not common house dwellers, though the occasional sighting can occur.

Brown Rat / Norway Rats

Brown Rats are the most frequently encountered rats in New Jersey homes and businesses. They are known as gray, common, street, and sewer rats.

Roof Rats / Black Rat

Black Rats are also known as ship, roof, and house rats. They invade homes and other structures while searching for food, water, and shelter.

Entry Size for Mice and Rats: What Openings Can They Fit Through?

For the sizes of entrances: if your pinky fits, so can a mouse. If your thumb fits, so can a rat. 

To keep mice and rats out of your home or business, sealing any holes, cracks, or gaps in walls, windows, doors, and foundations is essential. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, rodents can transmit over 35 diseases to humans through direct handling or contact with their urine, feces, or saliva. Furthermore, this contact with food can be a source of foodborne diseases, including but not limited to salmonellosis.

Spotting a Rodent Infestation: Know the Signs

Identifying a rodent infestation is easier than it might seem. There are several common signs to watch out for:

Rodent Droppings

If you notice small droppings in your home or business, it indicates a rodent presence. Fresh droppings are dark and moist, while older ones appear gray and have been there for some time.

Gnawed Chew Marks

Notice chew marks or holes in baseboards, drywall, electrical wiring, floorboards, or other areas? These are strong indicators of rodents. Fresh gnaw marks are often lighter in color and can suggest an ongoing infestation.

Scratching Noises

Hearing scratching sounds within your walls, ductwork, crawlspace, or under the floorboards is a sign of rodents making themselves at home.

Ammonia Odor

An ammonia-like odor in different parts of your home is a telltale sign of mouse urine. It may indicate regular bathroom use or the mice staking out territories in your home.

Holes in Walls

Small holes in walls often mark mice's paths between their feeding sites and nests.

Nesting Materials

Discovering nesting materials like cloth, fiberglass, paper, cotton, and cardboard around your home or business indicates mice preparing nests within your structures.

Pay attention to these signs. If you suspect a rodent invasion, it's time to call Insetti.

Do you have a one-off pest problem, an entire rodent infestation, or have rodents at all?

Detecting Rodent Infestations

Determining whether you're dealing with a full-scale rodent infestation or just a couple of stray mice can be challenging for homeowners. Surprisingly, all it takes is one male and one female mouse to kickstart an infestation.

Even if you only have a few mice in your home, it's important to know that they reach reproductive maturity within 5 to 8 weeks. Once this happens, their numbers can quickly multiply, worsening your issue.

For the best mice and rat control in Nothern, New Jersey, you want Insetti Pest Services.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for Effective Mice and Rat Control

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques are designed to pinpoint and address the root cause as its source. With a focus on mice and rat control, IPM emphasizes selecting and applying pest control materials that minimize risks to human health, pets, and the environment.


Our process begins with a thorough inspection, and in most cases, we can initiate treatments on the same day.

Rodent Proofing - Exclusion

Rodent proofing, or exclusion, is the first step in addressing mice and rat issues. At Insetti, we use exclusion methods to safeguard your property by sealing all holes, gaps, or cracks in your structure. Long-term control is achieved by repairing these openings. We take a comprehensive approach, ensuring no area is overlooked, from the roof to the ground. We will tell you who to contact for further assistance if inaccessible areas exist.

Baiting and Monitoring

For exterior mice and rat problems, bait stations have proven highly effective in reducing their reproductive rate. With our services, we strategically position locked, tamper-proof feeding stations around the perimeter of your home or business. These stations allow us to monitor the baseline of rodent activity in your building and administer bait that effectively eliminates mice and rats.

Monitoring is particularly valuable for identifying rodent activity in and around your building, which informs our efforts in rodent exclusion and control.

Insetti Pest Services: Protecting Homes, Health, And Property For Over 35 Years

If you've spotted a mouse in your New Jersey home or business, even just one, it's crucial to call us immediately. This single sighting could indicate a potential heavy infestation. 

Insetti Pest Services offers extensive mice and rat control services in Northern New Jersey. Why stress over it when you can trust the experts at Insetti to handle your rodent control needs?

Call us today to get started with our effective pest control services in New Jersey.

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